Get Involved


To make life worth living for all vulnerable groups and communities by getting involved in:

  1. Community volunteer work
  2. Support the CEPACET Education Scholarship Fund kitty
  3. Contribute towards women socio-economic empowerment in rural Kenya through provision of tools, training and micro-credits
  4. Help construct and equip maternity units in hard to reach health facilities
  5. Contribute towards food security initiatives
  6. Help us build community resource centers and libraries
  7. Organize community forums for information sharing and dissemination


Development Partners


Marie-Schlei Verein, German, (Food security and women socio-economic empowerment Programs)


Swanland Education Africa Trust (Education, Care, Hope and school feeding Programs)


The Living Smile, USA, (Education and Community Resource Centers)


Akiba Uhaki Foundation, Kenya, (Human Rights and Social Justice Program)


Global Voices, Australia, (Feel Good Projects)


World Faith, USA, (Education and Democracy Programs)


We Need Your Help Too

Locally, CEPACET seeks partnerships and support from corporations, the private sector, and philanthropists who are interested in improving life for Kenyans.

CEPACET relies on these friendships, partnerships, and outside participation to accomplish its mission and fully engage in community projects. If you are touched by the mission or interested in what you see here, we encourage you to become more involved.

On the menu above, you will see tabs to “Contact Us,” or “Donate”.

We will gladly respond to any questions you have regarding CEPACET or our projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us through this site.

If you have chosen to donate, we appreciate your generosity. Please keep in touch with us. We’d like you to see the progress that you helped make possible.


Resource Mobilization

The achievement of CEPACET objectives in line with the implementation of its core programs and projects is conditioned on the availability of financial and human resources including good will. Therefore, CEPACET will fundamentally rely on developing funding and grant proposals and presenting them to like minded development partners, friends and well-wishers both at home and abroad.

Locally, CEPACET seeks for partnership and support from corporations, private sector and philanthropists who are willing to support fellow Kenyans to live better. These sources of support will be above public reproach.

The financial resources shall be used for capital expenses, stationery, printing information sharing and training materials, publicity, hiring experts and consultants’ services, meals and accommodation and facilitating the CEPACET program staff.

CEPACET will always avail the narrative and financial reports for perusal by its partners, collaborators and friends upon request. Over and above, the annual reports will contain both financial and narrative reports on all activities implemented during that ending year.