About Us

The Center for Partnership and Civic Engagement (CEPACET) is a not for profit organization registered as a Trust in January 29, 2008 in Kenya dedicated to improving and advancing every vulnerable Kenyan’s life through programs and projects that target community development.


CEPACET’s thematic programs aim to promote equal access to basic needs, economic empowerment, social justice, freedom and encouraging peaceful co-existence among Kenyans.


CEPACET envisions strong communities enabled to fully embrace and practice human rights and social justice, democracy, peace and all aspects of development.


To prevent, alleviate and redress social, economic and political suffering by working with communities, local authorities, various government organs and other like minded partners in advancing the course of socio-economic and political development in rural communities in particular and Kenya in general.


  1. To create and enhance peaceful co-existence, non-violence, tolerance and democratic governance among Kenyans

  2. To contribute in advancing the cause of social justice and human rights practice in Kenya

  3. Provide humanitarian aid and support to the poverty stricken and vulnerable population

  4. Make life worth living for all.



CEPACET’s activities are based on the fundamental principles and values of;

  • Humanity
  • Impartiality
  • Neutrality
  • Inter-dependence
  • Voluntary service
  • Democracy.